They asked me: “Do you understand

What you have signed today?

Your child is now a ward of court,

We’re taking her away.”


They said: “Please swear on oath to us

That you will never try

To ask for news, nor seek her out

Until the day you die.”


I said: “I do.” And then, “thank you”.

Though barely can I breathe.

I want them to think well of me,

My sin at last redeemed.


They said: “She’ll have a better life,

Your claim on her naive.

You must do what we know is right,

Although your heart still grieves.”


Years on, the grieving never dies,

I lock it deep inside.

But I will never forgive those

Who cast my pain aside.


Forever she is lost to me,

My weakness I despise.

The day I gave my child away

Light vanished in my eyes.

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