I founded my company WildeLifeCoaching back in 2000 and coach clients around the world by phone, Skype and Zoom. For local clients who live in Chiswick, Kew, Barnes, Richmond and surrounding areas in West London, I prefer to meet face-to-face in an informal relaxed setting such as a coffee shop.

Life coaching is a tricky thing to describe. Everyone will experience it differently as the way it progresses depends very much on individual needs and goals. Some clients come to me seeking big life changes, whereas some simply want to be inspired in one or more areas of their life. Others need to find a better work life balance or get to the bottom of the fears that have been adversely affecting them for years, maybe even a lifetime.

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Coaching can benefit every aspect of your life – after all, who we are affects everything we do – but these are some of the common concerns that inspire clients to contact me:

  • Stress, anxiety and feeling overwhelmed
  • A poor work life balance
  • Confidence, social anxiety, self-esteem and self-belief
  • Relationships, heartbreak, separation and divorce
  • Bereavement and loss
  • Career challenges and change, self-employment and setting up a business
  • Goal-setting and problem-solving
  • Transitions – redundancy, back-to-work mothers, ’empty nest’, retirement
  • A lack of happiness, enjoyment and purpose
  • Mid-life crisis, a sense of “is this it?”

I also specialise in coaching adopted adults. I am adopted myself and can empathise with the issues common to adoptees such as fear of rejection and abandonment, guilt and shame.

Coaching is like detective work. I pride myself on intuitively understanding my clients very quickly. I am objective and non-judgemental. I ask questions that allow my clients to get to know themselves much better so they can make the right choices. I encourage clients to think beyond their familiar, habitual ways to discover what would bring them the most happiness and satisfaction.

I am highly motivating and set both practical and thought-provoking ‘homework’ between sessions. I have my clients’ best interests at heart and give 110%. Our coaching is completely confidential. No one will know we are working together unless you tell them.

I understand that coaching is an investment and I want you to know how amazing the benefits can be before you commit to paying the full price, so I offer a no-obligation 25% off your first 60 minute session. That way you can ensure we’re a good fit and will work well together.

Click below to book your first 25% off coaching session priced £75.

After our first session, if you decide you would like to continue, I charge £100 for each 60 minute coaching session.

Unlike the majority of life coaches, I don’t ask you to sign up for an expensive package of sessions (most commonly 6-9 sessions or 3 months). You are not tied in for any length of time. Some of my clients only need a couple of sessions, whereas others speak to me for years (often once a month or less), or just when they’re facing a challenge.

In the first couple of months, I find fortnightly sessions work best as this keeps up the momentum, but if you have so much inspiration after a session that you would like longer to get everything done, then that’s fine too. I like to give value for money!

I also coach staff one-to-one at learning & development events. Please let me know your requirements by contacting me below.